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  • What is MyPlaydoit?

    MyPlayDoIt is a popular web site built to change the gambling experience. The players will be play, buy, sharing information,  has a conversation with PlayDoIT players and more activities that you cannot imagine! Our goal is only you enjoy and be part to PlayDoIt.

    At PlayDoIt we consider wagering should be a social experience to be distributed to buddies.

    MyPlayDoit is the best platform that allows if you like to share bets and tips with your news friend. Even if you dont have experience with betting, MyPlayDoIt will help you if you follow the best players, and the chances of winning will be enhanced.   

  • Can I tag some friends and photos?

    In MyPlaydoit you can tag  all friends that you want. In  the option edit you can tag yours friends.

  • Can I hidden my comments and mentions?

    Yes, you can do it,  you can select the option “private” and nobody could see your photos, comments or videos. If someone with a private profile mentions someone who isn't one of their approved followers on a photo or video, the person mentioned will be able to see part of the comment in the You section ofActivity. They may get a push notification (if their notification settings are turned on), but won't be able to navigate through to the private photo or video.


  • How can I see my followers?

    You will find two buttoms for see your followers. The first one is on the left side (the statics buttoms). The second one is next to your image profile, just clicking and you will see yours followers. 

  • If I accidentally approved a follower, How do I get them to unfollow me?

    You can block someone to get them to stop following you. People aren't notified when you block them. 

  • How can I share my photo or information to another social network?

    When you finished to up some photo or video, there will see the options share to other networks like  Facebook, google +, twitter, etc.If someone with a private profile shares a photo or video to a social network using MyPlaydoit, the image will be visible on that network and the permalink will be active. In other words, the photo will be publicly accessible by anyone who has access to its direct link/URL

It's only gambling do it.


VIDEO: Charles Barkley’s dying wish is to kill Ski

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 25 March 2017 Comments : 0

This would be a hotter ticket than Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley took time (40:50 in the above video) on "The Dan Patrick Show" Thursday to explain

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Chargers Draft: Which positions should team target

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 25 March 2017 Comments : 0

The 2017 NFL draft is just over one month away. Los Angeles Chargers‘ general manager Tom Telesco was able to put together one of the better drafts that anyone had last year, and he is sure

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Argentina vs. Chile live stream: How to watch Worl

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 25 March 2017 Comments : 0

Argentina faces Chile in a World Cup qualifier today. Here is how you can live stream the match online with TV channel and time information.   Two-time World Cup champion Argentina faces a

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Erick Torres' Mexico dream being revitalized with

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 25 March 2017 Comments : 0

Two and a half years ago Dynamo forward Erick Torres put on a Mexico National Team jersey for the first time and one month later scored his first senior international goal. It was an incredible start

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Paris Jackson Makes Late Night Debut Playing 'Egg

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 24 March 2017 Comments : 0

On last night's TONIGHT SHOW, Paris Jackson and Jimmy took turns smashing eggs on their heads without knowing which are cooked and which are raw. Later, Jackson chatted about following in her fath

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Man arrested at Hard Rock Casino on multiple charg

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 18 March 2017 Comments : 0

Catoosa Police Department officials responded to a domestic violence call at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sunday that landed a Tulsa man in a local jail. Demetri Kungilies, 20, was charged with d

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Jugadores de Chivas en nuevo comercial de Caliente

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 17 March 2017 Comments : 0

El pasado 18 de febrero, el casino en línea Caliente lanzó su nuevo comercial en el medio tiempo del Clásico Chivas - América donde los rojiblancos Rodolfo Pizarro, Isaac B

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FEMEXFUT cede ante arbitros.

Posted by : PlaydoitPosted on : 14 March 2017 Comments : 0

Finalmente se llegó a un acuerdo, la Federación Mexicana de Futbol cedió ante las demandas de los árbitros hacia los jugadores Pablo Aguilar (América) y Enrique Triv

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50 mil dolares de multa por ofensa

Posted by : Ofende a aficion y es multadoPosted on : 10 March 2017 Comments : 0

DeMarcus Cousins, All-Star de New Orleans Pelicans, fue multado por la NBA con 50 mil dólares por haberse dirigido a los fans en dos ocasiones con leguaje inapropiado.   Los incidentes

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Acusa al mal arbitraje de ser eliminados

Posted by : PSG EliminadosPosted on : 09 March 2017 Comments : 0

Tras una victoria 4-0 en el partido de ida a favor del Paris Saint Germain y quedar eliminado el día de ayer de los cuartos de final de la Champions League en el Camp Nou con un marca

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Se consagran monarcas por primera vez

Posted by : Maraton Lala XXIXPosted on : 07 March 2017 Comments : 0

El día de ayer, 5 de marzo, se celebró en la ciudad de Torreón, Coahuila la edición XXIX del Maratón Internacional Lala 2017, en donde participaron alreded

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La mejor pelicula es... ¿La La Land?

Posted by : El Oscar a mejor peliculaPosted on : 28 February 2017 Comments : 1

Y al igual que ocurrió en la pasada edición de Miss Universo, hubo una grandísima equivocación en la 89° ceremonia de los premios Oscar, declarando como mejor pel&iacut

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